“Grace has been a lifesaver for me and the company. Right from our first contact she has always been quick to respond to any questions I have. Her knowledge and expertise is vast and she has never failed to sort things out for us. We have […]
“Over the past ten years, Grace has been an incredible support to our business and has helped us grow from ten employees to now over 100 employees. Initially helping us out to start off and now in a more formal consultancy capacity for the last two years. […]
“Meeting with Sue has been brilliantly helpful for developing my business plans and also building confidence in my own abilities as a self-employed creative. Sue has been a great sounding board for all my ideas and really helped me to identify which paths to explore first […]
“We have a very low turnover of staff so we do not go through this process very often and wanted to get it right for us and our future employee. Sue asked us questions to make sure we were clear what skills and type of person […]
“I met Sue at frequent intervals for updates and feedback on the courses I had completed which enabled the courses to be fine-tuned to assist people following on later. The talks not only served as feedback but also as support for me when after several months […]
“Sue has been a tremendous help to us at WISKA, in particular she has helped me progress in my career from starting as an apprentice and becoming a manager. Sue has given me guidance and assisted me in many aspects that has helped build a successful […]
“From my point of view being a young developing manager within the warehouse sector of the business your help over the years has been invaluable. My department has been dramatically changing due to the consistent growth, changing establishment and dealing with the additional employees required to […]