Coaching for Managers

“From my point of view being a young developing manager within the warehouse sector of the business your help over the years has been invaluable.

My department has been dramatically changing due to the consistent growth, changing establishment and dealing with the additional employees required to cover the workload presented to us.

The challenges I have faced and being within the company for over 5 years, it really did help having your assistance to guide me through various situations and complications which a young aspiring manager hasn`t always got the experience to deal with initially.

My skill set has developed and my approach has adapted over the years due to having your services to reflect and analyse performance, staff welfare and the understanding of the bigger picture.

I feel a lot more confident within my role and having your input makes discussions a lot easier as I can get your perspective and advice to ensure my line of thinking and actions are appropriate.

Considering I was in a warehouse of 4 when I started, to being a manager of 13 employees, some of the team are apprentices who we have and are supporting in the start of their career. It has been a long  journey and your help in the background has been a key point to the start of my successful and ever going career.”

General Career Coaching

“Sue has been a tremendous help to us at WISKA, in particular she has helped me progress in my career from starting as an apprentice and becoming a manager. Sue has given me guidance and assisted me in many aspects that has helped build a successful sales team and allowed me to progress greatly as a manager.” Terry Boswell.  Sales Office Manager WISKA UK Ltd.

Supporting People Through Redundancy and Returning to Employment

“I met Sue at frequent intervals for updates and feedback on the courses I had completed which enabled the courses to be fine-tuned to assist people following on later.  The talks not only served as feedback but also as support for me when after several months out of work and with morale at rock bottom and little money a tonic was needed.  Sue provided this unconditionally even in that short time we were together and through the dark times of no work or income.

I have since found employment and also relocated with family from sleepy Cornwall to New Zealand where I now have a full time job and work visa.  Things are on the up and I have been able to put a lot into practice from what I learned on those courses.”

‘Without the assistance of Sue I feel I would have thrown the towel in a long time ago but by working together she assured me things would work out for the best which they have done.

I am indebted to Sue for life and am so glad that I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet and accept her sound advice when I did.  She is a pleasure to know and work with and certainly knows her own market which is of course a fantastic asset.’ MB

Apprenticeship Recruitment

We have a very low turnover of staff so we do not go through this process very often and wanted to get it right for us and our future employee. She asked us questions to make sure we were clear what skills and type of person we were looking for, which made the process more straight forward. Her contacts with the different colleges was useful to find the right course/programme we attracted a high calibre of candidate and were spoilt for choice. Sue completed all of the paperwork for the vacancy and we weren’t sure where to start hence our phone call to Sue.

From start to finish the process of finding and recruiting an apprentice was amazingly easy thanks to the expertise and guidance from Sue.

Our apprentice has been with us over a year now and has settled in quickly, she has shown us new skills and is trusted to get the job done, she has now started to do features transferring the reps ideas into a great final proof.  FJ

Coaching & Mentoring

“Meeting with Sue has been brilliantly helpful for developing my business plans and also building confidence in my own abilities as a self employed creative. Sue has been a great sounding board for all my ideas and really helped me to identify which paths to explore first and how to map out the actions I need to take to facilitate my long term goals. I have regularly returned to the resources and advice she has provided for me to develop my plans and build a clearer vision of my immediate, mid and long term goals. After every session with Sue I’ve left feeling upbeat with renewed excitement and confidence about the steps I am taking for my business – which is a very valuable and positive experience, thank you Sue!”