We have an experienced Coach who can work with new or existing Managers to provide a safe space for them to explore how they want to manage, and how best to utilise their own skills and experience to better themselves and their team.

Our Coach can work with Managers across all levels, from a Junior in their first managerial position, through to Senior and Executive Managers.

While coaching doesn’t give easy answers, it helps to think through the challenges Managers face and work out how to set about the task. As the session(s) progress, we can point the person towards new ideas, good sources of information, examples of best practice and possible pitfalls.

A Manager with a challenging situation or individual in their team can talk through possible options for dealing with it and have the chance in privacy to have a confidential exploration of possible ways to tackle the issue and how to bring their own approach and skills to the situation. Because the solutions come from the manager and fit their organisation, rather than it being handed out to them, their confidence grows, and they can review how it is working in the next session; making this an iterative process as they follow their personal experiential development path.

A Manager who has built their skillset and confidence through coaching, is a manager who has learnt to look at their own abilities and knowledge analytically and knows how to grow not only themselves but also their team and therefore the team’s performance and productivity.

Our coach, Hilary, can undertake coaching sessions within your workplace, off-site or online.

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We offer HR advice in Cornwall; working remotely to cover the whole of Cornwall.

“Coaching has been invaluable for me in developing my confidence in a more senior role, especially in helping me to identify the type of leader I want to be and helping me to move forward towards that goal.”

– Ashlie

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