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What can businesses do to support Pride month?

What can my business do to support Pride month?

June celebrates the inclusion and equality of the LGBT+ community. It highlights the past social and institutional bias and discrimination, and celebrates how far we have come in the last 50 years. It is important to reflect on the past and understand how we can do more now, and in the future.

Today, many employees are still harassed about their LGBT+ status, discriminated against in the workplace and still suffer at the hands of hate crime. Having a zero-tolerance policy within your business is a great step, however, it is just a step.

You should review your business policies and culture to ensure they firmly encourage diversity within your teams. ensuring everyone is welcome and treated with respect. Championing this from the top of the organisation is the key to its success.

Diversity within your teams can bring a wealth of knowledge and skill. It can also improve the understanding of your consumer, and create innovative ideas to improve your practices, processes, and products.

We would recommend completing an inclusion audit to see where, and what, you could improve. For advice, guidance and support with getting started, contact me on the details below.

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