Rethinking Recruitment

Rethinking Recruitment!

Rethinking Recruitment!

We recently attended The Inclusivity Project’s conference on ‘Making Work Work For Everyone’. The Inclusivity Project aims to support Cornish businesses to embrace the value of employing and supporting workers of different ages, abilities and health conditions. Poignant topics were discussed including bias and inclusive recruitment, hybrid working and disability confidence.

One of the key talking points from the day was how to recruit, and what processes genuinely help organisations find talented individuals.

For example, some recruitment processes would include standardised questions asked in a formal setting. This process can be intimidating and not accurately portray the candidates’ skills or their ability to succeed in a role.

Your recruitment process

Below are a few points to consider when looking at your recruitment process –

– Is the way in which you interview potential candidates supportive and inclusive?

– Are there other ways you could assess someone’s suitability for a role? Possibly through online skills tests or practical work trials. Could you provide written information about the role in advance, use visual aids or create smaller steps for the tasks?

– Is the recruitment process accommodating for neurodiverse and candidates with disabilities?

Neurodiverse candidates may not excel in a traditional interview setting but by using different ways to test competency, beyond the standard interview process, you have the ability to create an inclusive hiring process.

We have previously mentioned ways to reach the untapped talent and people known as “Hidden Workers.” By creating a recruitment process that is more inclusive you can attract Hidden Workers and create a more diverse workforce.

If you would like to discuss your recruitment processes and how it could be made more inclusive, please get in touch.

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