Mental Health in the Workplace

Talking about Mental Health
Mental health has been a growing topic within the workplaces. More companies are putting in place mental health first aiders and wellbeing support systems. It’s important that talking about mental health in the workplace is normalised as much as possible. Creating a culture where your employees feel comfortable, heard, and supported can have a huge impact on their ability to come forward about any struggles they may be having. Feeling down from time to time is completely normal. But it’s crucial that people do not feel like they must struggle alone or without the support from their employers.

How you can help

Here are a few ideas you could think about putting in place to help your employees:

– Plan a time in the working day for employees to get outside (10 minutes outside can reduce both mental and physical stress).
– Make plans that people can look forward to. Shared lunches and team building exercises can be a great way to bring people together.
– Connect with employees. Make sure you regularly check in with employees either in person or face to face via video calls where possible.
– Look to set achievable goals for employees to help them get motivated.
– Creating a wellbeing action plan may help an employee feel they can open up and work towards positive goals, with your support.

Work life balance can also have an impact on employee wellbeing and morale. We would recommend checking in with your employees to review their working pattern to see if their current working agreement fits their current lifestyle. Personal commitments can vary for employees, so having open conversations about how changes to their working pattern could support them can be very beneficial.

If you would like any support to build a positive culture for wellbeing or helping to support employees in the workplace, please let us know.

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