Whether businesses are exploring potential large or small scale redundancies, Sue Willmott HR offers a team of experienced coaches for businesses to provide support to their employees affected by redundancy or job restructuring.

As the Furlough Scheme enters its second phase, employers are faced with difficult decisions. As we start to see the introduction of employer contributions, the sustainability of the current workforce will need to be carefully reviewed.

Periods of Furlough and the use of the Government Coronovirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) do not change existing employment law rights and obligations despite the current pandemic and a fair process will need to be followed in line with ACAS guidelines.

At Sue Willmott HR & Careers Consultancy, we have the experience to support the future of your teams affected by redundancy. We offer coaching for the ones who are leaving to look for new opportunities as well as for those who are remaining in the workplace, adapting to a whole new situation or role, managing teams and workloads in different ways and being aware of and supportive about the impact of losing colleagues on those who remain. There is also national support available. We have added some links to the bottom of this page for more information.

For the roles at risk of redundancy there is the uncertainty, feelings of vulnerability and possibly isolation. From the initial consultation, suggestions will have been made and the team dynamics will be changing for ever.

There are the conversations, time to explore all of the possibilities, create matrices and letters – these are the processes. When dealing with people we have got to know over time who may even have become friends over the years, it can be difficult. The situation is not anyone’s fault, but an essential stage for the business to surviveand hopefully adapt and grow in the future.

The people in the roles at risk are going to need to explore their own path and the next stage of their own personal journey. When faced with a role being made redundant, an employee may experience a wide range of feelings – hurt, anger, reduced confidence if their role is their identity and it has now ended. Even as the business owner or manager, this has an effect.

The main focus during this time is about rebuilding the self-esteem and confidence of the individual. The employer can assist with assurances of a good reference and giving time off for interviews.

Offering your employees who are leaving the company some individual support will give the person an opportunity to identify their skills, build a CV, and get some help with interview techniques as they may not have had an interview for a while, however they may not feel confident in investing in this service for themselves with the potential of a reduced income for a while.

Offering your staff 3 sessions (45minutes – 1 hour) of employment coaching may give them the boost they need to go on to their next stage of their journey. This can be delivered as a voucher scheme per employee whose role in your company no longer exists and is an investment into your colleagues/employees future.

Sessions are currently being delivered online (you can read about this here), and can be delivered face to face when the restrictions allow.

Here are a couple of quotes and case studies of examples in the past – Names and job roles have been changed where applicable.

“Sue is an all-round pleasant and very approachable person with an excellent listening ear.  She has a wealth of knowledge and was always willing to share suggestions to assist me with what I wanted to do regarding learning and to try and assist me to get back into full time employment.  Nothing was ever too much trouble for Sue and even if a call was missed and a message left I always knew she would return a call to me – she always did….

I have since found employment and also relocated with family from sleepy Cornwall to New Zealand where I now have a full time job and work visa. Things are on the up and I have been able to put a lot into practice from what I learned.

Without the assistance of Sue I feel I would have thrown the towel in a long time ago but by working together she assured me things would work out for the best which they have done.

I am indebted to Sue for life and am so glad that I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet and accept her sound advice when I did.  She is a pleasure to know and work with and certainly knows her own market which is of course a fantastic asset.”

Sue met with ‘Jayne’ to discuss the current situation, review and develop a CV and helped Jayne to identify the skills she has demonstrated over time. Jayne saw an apprentice opportunity and thought it might be a good way to go. She has since become a key member of a team, having completed all of her qualifications and was nominated for an apprenticeship award.

Sue met ‘Sarah’, whose employer was selling the business and her role was no longer required in the new organisation structure. After a few meetings, which the employer funded, and a great deal of hard work and strategic thinking, she had her first interview for a long time. Sarah went on to secure a senior role in a dynmic and growing organisation.

If you are a business thinking of, or currently undertaking redundancies, or you are personally going through the process, contact us to see how we can support you.

National support is available to businesses through services such as ACAS and The National Careers Service. The NCS has introduced a redeployment service which aims to match those recently made redundant with new work in sectors experiencing a surge in employment demand such as food retail, care and distribution. For more information and to request support, visit their website. In Cornwall, the CIOS LEP has a page of support information, which you can find here.