Thinking of starting an Apprenticeship?

If you’re thinking about starting an apprenticeship, you may have the assumption that there are a number of employers who are queuing up to employ you. Unfortunately, as with any job, it doesn’t quite work like that…

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to launch your career, but you must have done your research and prepared yourself in order to secure one.

You may find an apprenticeship listed on certain websites, such as the Government website or Get My First Job. Apprenticeships may also be listed on your local college’s website, or on an employer’s website. Some apprenticeships must be applied for, others may evolve from work experience or seasonal work.

If you need to apply for an apprenticeship, then you may need a C.V. Have a look at our top tips for CV writing here tomorrow. Some companies may be looking for an apprentice to join at entry level, developing skills and getting to know the business which will set you up for the future. There may be opportunities to progress into different areas. Higher Level Apprenticeships are becoming more popular, with more areas covered for a Degree Level qualification.

Apprenticeships cover a large number of industries, so speak to family and friends to see if they know of anyone looking for an apprentice in the area you are interested in. Have a look at different businesses that operate in your chosen area and see if they are hiring. Speaking to them shows initiative and will help to build your confidence, research skills and communication skills.

If you can, and if the employer is interested, you could discuss the potential of some work experience prior to committing to an apprenticeship, like a working interview. This gives both you and the business an insight into what the apprenticeship will be like, giving you a good idea of what is expected in the workplace.

Now that’s the employment bit sussed, there is also the element of study with an apprenticeship. You will have a set amount of time out of your job to attend college to study. Once you have successfully completed the study element, you will receive your qualification!
Once you have completed the apprenticeship, you may receive a formal job offer from the employer. This doesn’t always happen, if that is the case, then rest assured you are equipped with your qualification and relevant training to be employed somewhere else.

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