GCSE Results, what next?

Congratulations on collecting your GCSE results.  You will be the first students who have received the new number grades for Maths, English Language and English Literature.  If you have already made plans and your next step is secure, well done and good luck.


If your plans are changing because of your results, please do not panic.

  • Have you decided you would like to study a different subject?
  • Would you like to study somewhere else?
  • Is an apprenticeship a possibility for you now?
  • You have now got the information you needed to help you make your decision.

Actions – Here are a few steps which may help.

  • Speak to your parents or carers, make a plan together.
  • Have a chat with the college, 6th Form or employer (apprenticeship),  where you were going to go.
    • Is there a possibility that you can get on to a different level course in a similar subject area?
  • Speak to with other colleges or 6th forms near you.
  • Contact us, we may be able to help.
  • The 6th Forms and colleges will be holding information days, check out their websites and social media pages for update.  We will try to post as many updates as we can for the Cornish 6th Forms and Colleges. Facebook page. 

North Cornwall and beyond.

If you are in North Cornwall and would like some careers support and advice from our experienced advisers.  Please use the contact page to arrange a face to face meeting.  If you live further afield and we may be able to help, please get in touch.

T&Cs – After the initial consultation, there may be a nominal charge for our services.  We will not tell you what you must do, we will listen and guide you through the opportunities you may wish to explore.  If possible, we will meet you in a cafe or public venue. If you want a parent or carer to be at the meeting that is great, they are the ones supporting you through this very scary and exciting time.