GCSE Results Day 2020

GCSE results day – 2020

A letter to students picking up their results…

The day has come for students to collect their GCSE results; bringing an end to this chapter. Whether it is the first lot of GCSE’s taken, or resits. Whatever happens – you are moving on to the next stage in your journey.

Let us reflect a little – this year has been more of a roller coaster than previous years and recent news regarding A Levels may not have helped.

Over the 5 years you have been in full time education, you have been working towards these results and have been developing a whole host of skills and knowledge which you will carry with you and develop further in the next stage of your journey. You will also continue to learn new skills – we never stop learning!

Some examples are:

Team working Time management Problem solving skills
Organisational Skills Working under pressure & to deadlines Ability to learn & adapt – Resilience
Communication Skills Numeracy, literacy and IT skills Valuing diversity and difference

There are many more skills, knowledge and behaviours you have developed through your formal education, extracurricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, any hobbies you have tried and through part time work you have been employed in – just see how far you have come.

Congratulations on what you have achieved to date.   

If the results are greater or as expected, well done, and we hope you are looking forward to your next adventure. If they are not quite what you had hoped for, have a chat to your school – the teachers and careers advisers are in place to assist you. Have a chat with the College/6th form you are aiming to go to and explore the options available to you.

I will say it again, Congratulations on what you have achieved over the last 5 years and seek help and advice from the people you know.  Talk through your choices and options and move forward understanding how far you have come.

Enjoy the next stage of your journey whether in full time education at 6th form or college, in an apprenticeship or traineeship. Keep learning, keep trying and keep talking to those around you.

Best Wishes

CrossRoads Careers