For the employers!

Having someone new join the team is always interesting. Giving them guidance and setting out expectations are very important, especially for an apprentice in their first job role. Your role as an employer is to nurture and support the individual to grow, giving them the tools and the time to learn what they need to do, develop their knowledge and their skills. In return, you will get a loyal individual who has learnt their trade through you and work the way you do. With investing the time and effort to begin with, through training, reviewing and managing expectations, their success is the business’ success.

Generally, before the end of the process, you have someone who is an important part of the team. Someone putting ideas forward and challenging the way you have always done things. They bring energy into the business, a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective.

Although, sometimes it doesn’t work out, and that’s okay, that’s where we or the training provider come in to help. Through conversations and performance reviews, we will assist with discussions to identify where the issues lie. After mutual discussions and agreements, it may be best to support the individual on to another apprenticeship/role that is more suited to their skills, talents and career goal. As we know, things change, and they may find an interest in another industry. We can support you to find another apprentice after reviewing the business needs.