Apprenticeships: A Year On

What’s changed?

Last year we released a series of short blogs around Apprenticeships.

We looked at what it’s like for a parent/guardian, the individual thinking about becoming an apprentice and the employers.

A year later, and there is still some stigma around apprenticeships, for example: they’re only for people of a certain age; they’re only appropriate for certain careers; they’re only available up to a certain level… but this is not the case.

The levels and subject areas

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more widespread and they are available for anyone. There are more subjects available and they are relevant for individuals wanting to study at a variety of levels, including degree level!

Amazon has recently revealed it has begun recruiting for over 1,000 apprentices over 25 different areas. Some of which are in the IT department, others in creative digital design and even opportunties in the robotics department!

The average age

The latest statistics from the Government shows that just 26.1% of apprentices are under the age of 19, 19-24 year-olds make up 28.3% and the other 45.5% are actually over 25!

In the Briefing paper number 06113, dated 27 August 2020, it is shown that 49,000 individuals aged 25+ started an apprenticeship. Moving on to 2010/2011, this number shot up to 182,000 and has since rarely dropped below 200,000 and remained the highest percentage age group of apprentices.

More and more businesses, from small to large, are employing apprentices, which is supported by the funding through the Apprenticeship Levy.

If you are thinking of becoming an apprentice, have a look at our top tips and CV advice. If you would like some careers advice, or support with employing an apprentice, get in touch with our team here.


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