Apprenticeships, a Parents perspective

For a parent, apprenticeships may not be the first route that springs to mind for their child. In the past, Apprenticeships were mainly for vocational courses, such as mechanics, construction, or hair dressing. But there are so many different options now, and more coming with Degree and Higher Apprenticeships. The landscape is evolving, and it’s an opportunity to look at different avenues to employment.

When speaking to parents of apprentices, whether the apprenticeship started after GCSEs or college/sixth form, what is evident is how much happier their child is. Being in a work environment helps to increase confidence, maturity and allows the apprentice to put their learning in to a real-life scenario. Parents have also suggested that their child is contributing more at home, especially if they’re training to be a chef!

Getting up and going to work teaches responsibility and a plethora of transferable skills that they will keep with them as they start their new career. They will also gain qualifications and have relevant on-the-job training, giving them a positive start to their working life.

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