A Level and Diploma Results Day

Congratulations on achieving your results.  You have done well, worked hard and developed your skills over the last two or three years.  You now have your results, and whatever they are  you are looking forward to an exciting future.  It might not be what you had planned initially, but it is your future.

Over the last 2 years you have developed your personality and skills including team work, independent learning and meeting deadlines. These skills are valuable whether you are going to university, taking a gap year,  moving into work or an apprenticeship.  Be proud.

University: Take a minute,  if you have changed your plans or your next step is not so clear please don’t panic. If University is still your plan, check out the http://bit.ly/CareersUCAS and look at the clearing options, they will guide you.  It might be that you want to look at a local college to complete an Access to higher education course to keep your options open.

Apprenticeships  – There are some fantastic employers out there looking for the ideal apprentice.  Is that you?  Apprenticeships are a great way to learn and earn,  look at the vacancies http://bit.ly/Careersapprenticesearch  there are some great opportunities.  It may be through a stepping stone process.  Working through the different levels, helps you to get to know the business and develops your skills further. So you can gain more responsibility within the business.  Alternatively,  higher or degree apprenticeships,  where you are completing higher and degree level qualifications over 3 or 4 years with a company and earning a salary.

North Cornwall and beyond.

If you are in North Cornwall and would like some careers support and advice from our experienced advisers.  Please use the contact page to arrange a face to face meeting.  If you live further afield and we may be able to help, please get in touch.

T&Cs – There is a nominal charge for our services.  We will not tell you what you must do, we will listen and guide you through the opportunities you may wish to explore.  If possible, we will meet you in a cafe or public venue. If you want a parent or carer to be at the meeting that is great, they are the ones supporting you through this very scary and exciting time.

Results and breathe

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