Apprenticeship Myths

Apprenticeship Myths

As it’s National Apprenticeship Week, we wanted to share with you some common myths around Apprenticeships and the truths behind them.

Apprenticeships are only suitable for big companies.
False: Many companies could benefit from taking on an apprentice, regardless of their size.

You have to do your own advertising to get an apprentice.
False: You can contact schools, colleges and local HR/Training companies directly to express your interest in taking on an apprentice. They will be able to help with advertising and finding a suitable candidate.

Apprentices are all young students.
False: The minimum age to do an apprenticeship in the UK is 16. There is no maximum age limit for when you do an apprenticeship.

You have to go to college every week when doing an apprenticeship.
False: Depending on the type of apprenticeship you do, it may be a requirement to attend college. Days/amount of days will be dependent on the course you do. Some apprenticeships do not require this and all learning takes place in the workplace with an end point assessment/exam.

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, or want to know more about taking on an apprentice, contact us for advice on your next steps.