A Level Results Day – for students, parents, carers and employers

A level Results Day 17th August 2023

For all students and parents/carers who are encountering results day.

Firstly, before you open that envelope or email, please reflect on what you have achieved, the challenges you may have faced and the choices you have ahead of you.

Take a moment, breathe, and congratulate yourself.

This is now the stage where you have the choice to continue with some form of education (whether through work – apprenticeships – or full-time study), or take a structured break to travel, volunteer or work.

There are a lot of choices at the next step, you will hopefully have a plan A and a plan B – applied to university, planned a gap year, got a job, or been offered an apprenticeship. There is a lot of media hype about university places, finance and other factors affecting both options. You have your research and you will also have a school or college careers adviser to talk to.

If your plans have changed for whatever reason, there are some excellent places to get some support.  Your local school/college careers adviser as well as some national organisations.  They will all offer guidance on what the options are from a national perspective. The important thing is if you have had an offer of a place at university, or a job, talk to that destination, they can guide you too – especially if you are heading off to a new town or city for a job or university placement.

For leavers of further education based in Cornwall, we are offering a free 30-minute session if you would like to talk through your options, this is available to students/parents/carers. See availability below to book a slot.

Below is an overview of what your grades mean in terms of UCAS points. The information relates to A-Levels, BTEC National Extended Certificates, BTEC National Diploma’s and BTEC National Extended Diplomas and T-Levels.

The Extended Diploma column grades relate to all three types of BTEC as listed above. If you have completed the National Extended Diploma, you would have received three grades, the National Diploma, you would have received two, and if you completed the BTEC National Extended Certificate, you would have received one grade.


If Student A took three A-Levels and received BBB grade, they will have gained 120 UCAS points (3 x 40 points).

If Student B completed an Extended Diploma and was awarded MDD, that would amount to 128 UCAS points.

If Student C achieved a Distinction on a T-Level, they would receive 144 UCAS points.

Students who took the International Baccalaureate have a slightly different scoring system. If you would like some information on calculating your UCAS points from the IB, please get in touch.

To employers

Students finishing full-time study this year will have completed a variety of courses – A levels, International Baccalaureate, T-Levels or Diplomas. Each one has its own style, assessment, and grading system. They will be focused on what the student has a keen interest in. They have completed at least two years of a Level 3 qualification, where their attendance, time management, team working skills and commitment have been a part of what they have achieved. They may have had part time work during this time too.

If you are looking to take on an apprentice and would like some help, please do get in touch. We are offering employers a free appointment if you would like to talk about taking on an apprentice or if you would like a student to join you through their work experience.