About me

I joined the Sue Willmott HR Team in 2022 as an HR Consultant.

During my career, I have worked in hospitality, for specialist event suppliers and in private health services in development roles and progressing on to senior management. Working with micro to medium sized businesses, I will enjoy the opportunity to support entrepreneurs to build their brand through their teams.

While studying for a degree in Business, alongside working within businesses, I became interested in HR Management processes and how good practice can lead to a more engaged team. From this interest, I successfully completed a Masters in Human Resource Management. I have developed my skills and responsibilities from working in Human Resource Administration, to being a HR Manager, working with both employees and contractor relationships and reporting to the Board of Directors. 

Keeping up to date

I keep up to date through attending regular webinars, conferences and training events, whilst also following the CIPD closely for changes to employment law. I am looking forward to attending networking events. Working with such an incredible team at SWHR has already given me a plethora of opportunities to further develop my skills.

In my spare time

In my spare time, I like nothing more than being by the water. Not on it, just near it! Living by the coast in Cornwall is truly so special to me and I wouldn’t want to work and live anywhere else.

My weekends are typically spent with my little family, eating tasty food in our local restaurant, and going for long walks along the coast. As my toddler starts to explore by himself, the walks are becoming shorter, dirtier and a bit more chaotic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.