Hilary Bryant

I joined Sue Willmott HR and Careers Consultancy in early 2019. I really enjoy having the opportunity to see people learn, develop and grow in skills and confidence and share information and ideas that I have which are helpful to others. I have contact with a range of people and their organisations which helps to keep my brain working and engaging with new ideas and concepts, especially through trying to keep up to date with new technology, software and uses of ICT – for those that know me, don’t laugh!

I have had a lifelong passion for education in the broadest sense, having known this from the age of 12, and I have loved it ever since. I have been lucky enough to work in the public, private and third sectors, giving me a range of experience within so many different corporate cultures and an amazing mix of people. The SWHR team have different and very complementary skills, all of whom I respect deeply.

After having to leave my job in a school and find another role, I realised that there was a lot more to learning than just schools as I begun working with young adults.

My work experience includes being an advisor and assessor for Investors in People, managing teams and organisations, training in Neuro-linguistic Programming and working in training and development. All of which has helped me with every communication and interaction I have with people and I have learned how to actually make change happen.

To keep up to date with the industry, I read books and journals, watch YouTube and Ted Talks, undertake online learning packages and learn from others around me. Face-to-face is definitely the best learning method for me!

Outside of work, I am a lifelong bookworm, I love to read and could easily lose a day with my head in a book. I enjoy pottering about in the garden, albeit with very little knowledge or skill, but I don’t kill too many things! I love to cook, try out new recipes and feed people, spend time with friends, and I spend a ridiculous amount of my life working as a volunteer with Girlguiding, providing fun and challenging experiences for girls aged between 7 and 14.