Grace Williams

I joined Sue Willmott HR and Careers Consultancy in 2018. I love the variety of the role and the work that I do. We work across multiple sectors and industries which means every day is an opportunity to learn. HR is constantly developing and changing, whether that is new legislation and laws, technology or even employee expectations. The constant variety ensures there is always a challenge and an opportunity to learn about different businesses  which I love.

I feel very privileged that we are sharing a journey with customers. From support taking on their first employee to delivering training to their managers a few years later. It’s a real pleasure to be part of that process seeing businesses grow with people.

Some of my previous roles included managing large teams with both a service led and commercial focus. This contributes to my approach with the fantastic businesses I get to work with.

We have a coaching style that ensures we are developing skills within organisations; we help to navigate through the options available. This is a reflection of my management style in pre-HR roles. Coaching is a skill we all have experience in throughout the SWHR team.

To keep up to date, I usually listen to podcasts, particularly when driving. Listening to what re-occurring themes our customers are talking about, listening to what anyone is talking about when it comes to work! Just listening. There is so much knowledge and experience throughout the SWHR team every conversation is an opportunity to learn. We are all members of the CIPD and attend a variety of events. Being passionate about HR makes staying current exciting – just trying to remember to capture it all down on our CPD records is a challenge!

Outside of work, I can walk for miles! I love being outdoors and there’s nowhere better when the sun is shining than Cornwall. We are incredibly lucky to have such a sensational coastline. I am a fair weather geocacher and after a long adventure, I enjoy nothing more than eating out at local restaurants, especially seafood, with friends and family.