Careers Adviser &  Careers Coach

Sue has always believed in helping young people make plans for their future. We investigate options and ideas to help them adapt to cope with the changes ahead and most of all helping them make informed choices.

CrossRoads Careers Services

We established in 2012 as an independent, impartial careers consultancy.  Working with schools, colleges, businesses to encourage students, and provide information to families. First of all, we find out more about our client and investigate different pathways. Most of all, we look at apprenticeships, further education (‘A’ Levels and Diplomas) and degree courses. Since the ‘Raising the age of participation’  was introduced in 2013, so all students continue with formal training until they are 18. The most popular choices are college, 6th Form, apprenticeships or traineeships.

About Us

Since 2012, Sue has worked with Wadebridge School as their independent and impartial careers adviser.  She works with students looking through their Year 8 Options, up to assisting 6th form students who are planning their next move.  Sue has worked with students from other schools and colleges in Cornwall and beyond. Especially relevant is when the current plan is not going as well as expected and support is needed.

To meet Ofsted guidelines, Sue completed higher level Advice and Guidance qualifications, and CrossRoads Careers Services has achieved and retained the Matrix Quality Standard for Information Advice and Guidance Services.  We are very proud of our links with students and local businesses We are keen to hear where a student is on their career path and link with more businesses who want to find out more about employing students who are about to leave education.

Careers & HR

CrossRoads Careers Services is now part of Sue Willmott HR.  Sue combines her knowledge of the local labour market and employment opportunities to provide up to date information to students.  Experienced in working with job-seekers on a one to one basis and in groups. Maybe you are looking for a career change, or going through a redundancy process.  If you would like some support please contact us for an initial consultation.

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