Human Resources and Careers Advice in CornwallWorking with schools, young people and local businesses.


Sue Willmott HR & Careers Consultancy provides experienced and practical advice for small businesses and individuals. This is especially relevant when you are developing or growing your team.  We encourage individuals to develop their skills and effectiveness in new or existing roles. Furthermore we combine knowledge of human resources for small businesses, with excellent careers advice to match business needs and future employees.

Human Resources Support

We passionately believe in enabling clients to build their own skills and resources through the work they do. We achieve this by working with you to implement solutions and develop your strengths and knowledge. Experienced business coaches encourage individuals to develop new skills and approaches by providing excellent feedback in a safe, supportive and individual way.

We can also help identify and source training solutions tailored to your business. In addition, we ensure ‘best-fit’ with current practice and legal requirements.  Most of all, our services help you to encourage efficient and effective teams to support business growth, and focus on the needs of your customers.

This is not a consultancy which dishes out ready made answers. It is one which listens to and understands your issues, thus enabling and supporting you with an approach that suits your business.

Individual Coaching

Sue is able to help individuals to grow in confidence and develop a plan for career progression. We work with students to investigate their career and study options. We also support experienced workers who are looking for a career change maybe through redundancy. Sue uses cost effective, practical and realistic skills which take into account the reality and challenges of each person’s situation.

HR & Careers Together

We are experienced in networking; putting people in touch to find opportunities for collaboration and development.  As a result some young people in the community have entered fantastic careers with local businesses. We can offer help and advice, make plans for your future and encourage your team for better business results. Sue’s approach will help you to grow and thrive while developing your skills for personal and corporate success.

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